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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 6, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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coming up at 10:35, we will take a look at this. we will let you know when rain chances could return. we'll let you know when that could be happening at 10:35. we'll get the very latest on the weather across the bay area with the new ktvu weather
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app. palo al to police say they arrested a man who was attacking people and running naked through a neighborhood. they say he walked into a home on colorado avenue and punched a teenage boy. he is also accused of punching and kicking a woman walking her dog a few moments later and punching a man who opened his door because of all the commotion. and officials have confirmed that they got a pinger from the back block on
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flight 370. the race for the black boxes is desperate as the battery power winds down. it's now been 30 days since that plane vanished. there is renewed hope that the operation could be getting closer to what happened. a ship has now detected pulses twice. the pulse sounds it detected were in approximately the same area about 1,000 miles west of australia. the sound waves are said to be in the same frequency as those in a black box. this morning we were contacted by authorities and advised just
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two kilometers on the original detection. this is an important and encouraging lead. but one which i urge you to continue to treat urgently.
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>> if they locked him up for that, where would this country be. >> rooney played back in 1989, became one of hollywood's child actor and was the first teenager to be nominated for an actor. he was 5'6" tall, he married eight times. he claimed elder abuse more recently. tmz reported his death today saying he had been ill for quite some time. a desperate search for a bay area woman missing now for a week. >> what's her name? >> magdalena. she has been missing since last sunday really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day.
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using an on board emergency beacon from cabos san lucas mexico. it wasn't until the guardian angel team arrived when they found the gravity of the situation. >> basically it would take on water when they would start the engine. >> we don't have a ready means of calculating that. i guess the question would be what would you value as a human life and to us that would be priceless. >> the toddler is in stable
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condition. unless there's a change in conditions. the father released a statement saying, she's doing well now and continues to improve. new at 10:00, there's a rift brewing in the normally coastal community of bodega bay. the town most famous for fishing and an alfred hitchcock movie is divided for the town's fire district. there's no argument over the value of the small nine member fire department. the question is, who's going to pay for it. >> there haven't been any ruffled feather since albert hitchcock came to film the birds. >> it's pitted neighbor against neighbor. >> reporter: the population explodes on weekends when as
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many as 9,000 tourists. it's those tourists who often keep firefighters busy. >> they fall off cliffs, they get washed out to scene. really they get into accidents. >> reporter: the bodega bay fire station is the first responder. >> we're first responders for the state park and county parks yet we don't get funding for either run. >> reporter: everyone agrees the current situation can't last. >> we are poorly under staffed but we make it work. >> reporter: residents will vote on a measure.
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many businesses will pay more. supporters say without the tax three firefighters could be laid off and service reduced. >> this to keep our three person staffing. >> reporter: opponents say they already face one of the highest taxes in the state. >> they just have to cut back, consolidate. change the services. and live within their means. >> reporter: highway 1 is dotted with measure a signs both for and against. some signs even tie in fishing and schools. >> there's been a lot of misinformation and that's made it very difficult for people to talk about the merits of this. >> reporter: bob miller says he's willing to pay more on a tax as long as it's subsidized by tourist dollars. >> maybe something that's more connected through my business, through my sales tax, i would be more in respondent --
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support of that than the other way. >> reporter: there's a fear that the bitterness of the campaign will last far beyond the election day. >> it's a shame. i hate to see that, i don't like to see that at all. >> reporter: there's no polling to show which side has the advantage going into tuesday's election. a 2/3 majority is needed for the tax to pass. we'll have the results tomorrow night. it all started when officers tried to pull the bicyclists over for a traffic violation. officers say he refused to stop. after a brief struggle he was taken into custody and that's when he suffered some sort of medical emergency. paramedics were called in and the man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. family and friends are mourning three teens that were
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killed in a crash. their pickup truck was speeding when it went up a curve into an open field and rolled over several times. apparently no one was wearing seat belts and all five were thrown from the truck. the highway patrol says alcohol was a factor in the crash and the stretch of road is known for racing. friends are in shock. >> this is horrible. i don't know how to put it into words besides that. >> it kills me. i don't know why it happens. >> friends and family have identified those killed as 20- year-old gilbert garcia and 16- year-old christie brinsley. a candlelight vigil is set for tuesday. a teenager was killed this afternoon when his car crashed into a ravine. the driver lost control of his mini cooper and it fell 100 feet down. the road is deceptive because you can't see the ravine. no one else was hurt. the driver's identity has not
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been released. the driving across the bay bridge will cost us all more tomorrow. toll fees are going up tomorrow. the toll will increase to $6 with fast track. if you're car pooling or qualify as disabled expect to pay $4. the toll will go even higher for the next five years. controversial new parking changes are expected to go in tomorrow. meters enforcement officers run from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. instead of the standard 9:00 to 5:00. the rate will double going from $1 to $2. parking will also be enforced seven days a week. sundays will no longer be free. violators will be given warnings instead of citations. the lesser center is losing another theater company because of higher production cost. the contra costa times reported the city owned theater will
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lose the diablo theater company. festival opera will also opt out. diablo typically performs three to four shows a year but say costs have gone up over the last few years and donations have gone down. diablo officials hope it's only a one season break. an actor and comedian best known for his role in the final episode of sinefeld has died. >> there goes the money for the light bill. >> 50-year-old john pinet was found dead inside a pittsburgh hotel room. the comedian was suffering from liver and heart disease. no autopsy has been performed. but his manager says
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a street party ended with several police injured and people hurt. hundreds of police officers were brought in to try to contain the rowdy crowd. about 100 people were arrested. among those injured were two people treated for stab wounds and two officers who were hurt by thrown objects, a bottle and a brick. police officers were investigating a shooting that sent several people to a hospital. it happened at a party on camelia street near the village shopping center. a group of teenagers started arguing and then a fight broke out then someone started
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shooting. >> there was a commotion. there was a little complication. people were talking about guns, came outside, the party was being shut down. >> police say all four victims were taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition. president obama is headed to kileen today. today churches across the city focused on the victims. at the first church of kileen the congregation prayed, sang amazing grace and sang for the victims. >> tragedy is never the last word this commune -- community knows that because they've experienced it and know they're going to make it through. >> reporter: some people say the suspect was upset over a leave of absence request. secretary of defense chuck
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hagel is visiting japan. he met with officials to talk about live fire exercises. he told officials the u.s. will send two missell defense ships in the next few months. california attorney general camela harris has told the chronicle she is engaged. the couple apparently met on a blind date. the former san francisco district attorney often commutes to los angeles and her fiance has an office in san francisco. a judge shows -- in communities around the nation. denver colorado and san diego area have the fewest obese people. the south bay is in second place. san francisco and the east bay
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are in third place with 19.7%. the most of these community in the u.s. is memphis tennessee that's where almost 1/3 of people are reported to be obese. she said she was going for a hike and never came home. >> at this point there could be 100 different scenarios. the search to find the bay area woman last seen a week ago. >> running and rock & roll. the theme that
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searchers believe this woman is some where on mount
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pies. there's surveillance video that shows her shortly after she walked to her car with groceries. >> have you guys been here in the last seven days by chance? >> reporter: search and rescue volunteers are enlisting help. looking for the preverbial needle. >> what's her name? >> magdalena. >> reporter: this is magdalena. caught as she paid for parking. the front seat filled with grocery bags. with just her car and a few surveillance photos there's still to go on. 20,000acres of mount camp. more than 100 search and rescue
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volunteers and search dogs are combing the mountains. so far no sign of the missing hiker. >> at this point, there could be 100 different scenarios that could play out. we don't have that much information to go on at this point. >> reporter: it's easy to see the attraction of hiking here. just a short trip in the city and you're in a whole other world. a world fraizer and alice escape to often. >> there's lots of different directions you can go. >> reporter: this time their rugged trek has a purpose. >> so this started off as our normal fun day hike and become sort of an attempt to find someone that's missing. >> reporter: the more eyes on the look out. >> how is it going. >> reporter: the better the chance of solving a mystery. on mount tam, noelle walker news 2. a body was found friday
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evening on an open space south of highway 101. police have not yet released any reason for the killing. but they say there's no threat to the community at this time. the you tube postsays the package was from amazon and the video is recorded on friday april 4th. the video shows a woman with a dog walking past the home then returning through the gates near the front door and as you can see, picking up a package and then leaving. the poster says the fremont police department has been contacted and is asking for the public to help try identify that red headed woman on the video. there was a little bit of grumbling at today's san francisco rock & roll event. and no one could argue with what happened at the finish line. >> reporter: sunrise at san
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francisco's ocean beach. people crossed the line but not everybody was ready to run. >> at 6:00 in the morning we were assaulted by a loud sound of rock & roll marathon with no notification. >> reporter: organizers said they worked with the city to meet ordnance and permitting performances. >> with the doors around, the road closures and noise area that is we have. >> reporter: the tone changed as the day warmed about 70 minutes into the race after crossing the golden gate bridge and the city's many hills. >> it's a really, really challenging course but it's gorgeous. >> reporter: both the male and female champs live in san francisco. and this is their second time finishing in the top spot. >> it's truly unexpected. just here and didn't have any expectations going into it. just wanted to get out and
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enjoy the race. >> reporter: elle is training for the boston marathon later this month. >> i'm very excited and looking forward to that race. >> reporter: 49ers legend roger craig ran the race and he is excited to see the event gain traction. >> it's great for the community. to know we have a race like this. >> reporter: while the race may have started out chilly there's no way it could have ended up that way as one woman's finish turned into a proposal. >> reporter: and here we have a race ending that's really a beginning of a life together. in san francisco, katie utehs. police may have epbt sent a first -- have police may have sent a first of its kind tweet. the department said they were able to reunite the family
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without any problem. a brawl at hockey game. it was a charity event involving police and firefighters. we'll explain how it ended up
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that sounds nice. it's the sounds of the islands taking center stage today at the annual eukalae festival. apparently means jumping flea
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in hawaii. it's likely the quick fingers of the players. >> let's go now to mark tamayo and it's not quite as warm and humid as it is in hawaii. but california is not bad today. >> but still not bad. lots of 70s. last week i was standing here talking about multiple cold storms pushing into the forecast. today a totally different forecast. the one thing that could cool us off is the fog. we have mostly clear skies across portions of the bay area. some fog could reform first thing tomorrow morning but it should not be widespread. as far as current temperatures out there. still kind of mild. santa rosa checking in 59. san francisco downtown at 55.
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for tonight we do have this. mostly clear skies. not too much of a breeze. here's our cameras looking toward oakland. still lots of sunshine. it'll be another warm forecast. the extended still a warm weather pattern. the temperatures will shave off a few degrees by midweek. overnight lows, widespread 40s out there. also some low 50s out toward san francisco and mountain view. mostly clear skies, maybe a patch of two with fog offshore. here's the over all forecast for tomorrow. the microclimates making a come back. the beaches in the upper 50s and 70s for the afternoon. there's our temperature sensor warming back up. you'll see toward closer to concord and danville. easily back up into the lower 80s for tomorrow afternoon around 82 or 83 degrees. we warmed up a good eight to 12 degrees from yesterday's highs. high pressure still building
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offshore and strengthening. this will continue to be the key factor in our forecast for monday and tuesday. low 80s inland as we showed you. by tuesday, we're going to see a little bit more of a sea breeze a few degrees by tuesday. but everyone cools off by wednesday into thursday. here's our forecast model shows a breeze moving in. lots of 70s for tomorrow. the oranges link up to the 80s. so more 80s in the forecast maps for your monday afternoon. vacaville 83 and richmond 74. stinson beach at 70. widespread 70s around the rim of the bay. you will find more 80s. san jose forecast high of 80 and sunny vale in the upper 70s at 78. just beautiful checking in with the forecast high of 78 degrees. here's a look ahead your five
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day forecast. another warm one on tuesday. just a little cooler right near the immediate coastline. the forecast just beautiful once again. lots of sunshine. temperatures near 70 degrees by first pitch. then we cool things off a little bit by thursday and friday. it -- i think right now we'll go with a temperature mix by saturday and into sunday. this is a neat pattern out there. not too hot. but we can definitely use a rain cloud. did you use tetris. >> not really. >> i was not allowed to have video games but this is a tetris lovers dream. take a look at the classic video game. it was placed on a philadelphia building. it's all part of the
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celebration marking the 30th celebration of tetris. >> that is really cool. this isn't so cool. police and firefighters went to a charity hockey event last night and a fight broke out. this amateur video from instagram shows what happened between teams from the new york police department and fire department. the firefighters had won the past five games but the police department team won 8-5 on the scoreboard on the ice. the winner was anyone's guess. new york postreported a 25 minute delay to clean up the ice and decide all of the penalties. and the two bay area
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good evening welcome to sports wrap. one of the games is a coliseum they're supposed to win and they did. convincingly. bogut back in action against the utah jazz. the worse team in the eastern conference. and he had six points and 11 rebounds. harrison barnes will deflect this action. the warriors led by 13 after a quarter and they shot pretty well from beyond the arch. clay thompson seven of 10 from three point range.
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he had 33 at the half. i'll just bury another long one. and more of the same from thompson with nobody in his face. thompson and curry combine for 64 points as they both pop up 30 in a game for the first time the warriors went 130-102 and stay in the number six spot in the west. a game and a half behind portland and a game and a half behind dallas. the stanford women knew they had quite a task facing the undefeated defending champion connecticut in the final four with the winner headed to the championship game. uconn by four at halftime.
11:46 pm
stanford closing in within three. the huskies outscore the cardinals by 15 in the second half. stewart answers with three of her own. too much for condoleezza rice to watch. the amazing uconn team is now 39-0 after the win. the huskies will take on noter dame on tuesday's championship game the first time two undefeated will meet. >> it's been an amazing run. i'm not even that emotional about it because i was just trying to have fun today. days like these will make me a better player: so and person. just to have the support and the fan base and family and friends and teammates. it's been an amazing remarkable experience and i've just been lucky to have stanford on the front of my jersey one last time. >> tonight at dodger stadium they did not get it.
11:47 pm
the long ball was something that rose up to bite him again. it's a 1-0l.a. lead. get used to the ball at dodger stadium because it happened with frequency in this one. no doubt about this job at the bat of hamlee ramirez. makes it 2-0 dodgers. still in the fourth. kemp got to cain again this time with a runner on and going the opposite way. it's the first two homered for kemp at home since late 2012. the way zack grenkey was -- still in the sixth. hunter pence got into the game. they got that one back in their half of the six. ramirez went deep for the second time. this off huff. still no complaints for the giants who take their first two series of the season on the
11:48 pm
road to boot. they do have to be concerned about cain's propensity for giving up home runs. the giants will be off tomorrow before their home opener on tuesday against the diamondbacks. because of rain, a double header, wet infield they never really got into a rhythm. they left town in a positive note with a win against seattle. john donaldson made a contribute on little league day at the coliseum. a couple of runners aboard. oakland went deep in the fifth. donaldson with a chopper. first hit for donaldson. the a's got more in the inning. kyle seger to the bag. almost running over the unsuspecting umpire jim
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reynolds in the process. called that one a good throw. call this one good defense. morrison hits the -- the former stanford player a great story by making the team. jim johnson came on to try again for his first save as an athletic. got abraham almonte looking for the final out. 6-3 the final as the a's win. they split the first six games of the season now head to minnesota for the the first of three tomorrow. melvin was happy for the game but was not happy with the whole picture. >> sloppy. all the way around. weather it was the days of not vp, not being out on the field it's no excuse to not have some focus early on and it looked like that. >> what can be better than 3-3. we could have been worse.
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we've been playing close ball games but definitely an odd week with all the rain outs and kyle hitting. definitely feels weird. it feels like it's been more than a week with all the time off we've had. one thing we need is have good weather usually. but it is what it is. soon to come on this late sunday edition of sports wrap. a young competitor has won. and a quarterback is visiting zñzñzñtgtgçwoç'c'cz
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the first mayor tournament on the women's golf tour this year is history. and it had a very young known player. and here's how thompson started her round. she immediately had a birdie. she made another birdie in the ninth hole. wii wasn't completely finished. she made birdie for a par of 171. but that wasn't enough. thompson parred out and the entire back nine including this put at 18 to finish with her three stroke margin. you win in this tournament this is what you do. it was known as the diamond shore and alcot was the first to take the leap in 1988. thompson continued the tradition on the occasion of her first major championship. and being dominated by the
11:55 pm
australians aussie matt jones began six streams behind kutcher. this birdie attempt starts in another time zone and find it way to the cup. pulls in within one. now it's kutcher's turn. make a par and he wins. he doesn't think much of the shot. it finds the water. kutcher has to head back to 18. no sense prolonging the drama. he's chipping from off the green and why not just knock this one in too. kutcher could not make the birdie attempt. and kutcher is the final guy to punch his card to next week's masters? the raiders have already made news with the acquisition of one quarterback. and could really make some noise if they make a selection in the next draft. johnny manziel is spending tonight and tomorrow visiting
11:56 pm
with team officials. the 2012 heisman trophy winner has already been interviewed by the patriots. some of the latest draft projections have manziel going as the number eighth. if they want manziel he should be available. it'll be a busy day tomorrow in the dallas fort worth area. today sprint cup race in fort worth was rained out has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. nine hours before the start of the ncaa championship game in there by arlington. and toward the end of the race, maldonado slams into the car. he was not seriously hurt. that's how it looked as gutierrez got in pretty good
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racing. hamilton able to hang on for his second straight win. in the over all standings, to rosburg. that will do it for this late sunday night's sports wrap. have a good weekend everybody. >> busy night. >> as always. >> thank you, and thank you for ginning us for ktvu news. >> join us tomorrow morning for the latest on a crash that killed a 4-year-old boy. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. for all of us here tonight, thanks for joining us. >> good night.
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